Potent Herb Infused Oils & Body Care Products

Handcrafted with Purpose

I help my customers bring herbal remedies into their everyday lives with high-quality handcrafted body care products. The heart of my products are my potent herb-infused oils, which are made in small batches with simple organic ingredients and are free of any added colorants, fragrances, or essential oils.

Sustainably Grown

I am deeply invested in sustainable and regenerative agriculture, particularly small-scale, diverse, local, family farms.


I aspire to contribute to the local community in a meaningful way. I derive endless satisfaction
through the process of learning, growing, and sharing in agricultural education.


I aspire to offer a safe and inviting space for everyone, embracing equity and inclusion. I am intentional in sourcing decisions and do my best to support minority-owned businesses wherever possible.

Plant Path

What started as a thrift store purchase of a book on herbs in my first apartment developed into a full-fledged pursuit of a horticulture and herbalism career by 2006.

Herbal Products

Potent handcrafted herbal body oils made in small batches. Always organic and sustainably sourced ingredients. Always fragrance and essential oil free.

Massage Therapy

In 2022 I was presented with the opportunity to pursue massage therapy training. I have since gratefully recognized the path that has been emerging all along!

Customer Reviews

I’ve been struggling to find quality herbal body care products to offer as supportive care for my massage therapy clientele, and was so thrilled to come across Twin Flower Botanical offerings.

I cannot begin to explain how the infused oils from Twin Flower Botanicals eased the pain of my mother’s radiation skin wounds. I am so thankful for these products and for Janelle’s education and dedication in the craft of herbalism.

Shannon Alita-Little

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